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    Full Dentures

    Recent studies show that denture wearers do not chew enough so they digest very badly.

    You wear dentures for ten, fifteen or twenty years? How do you chew and grind food with the following conditions: instability of your prosthesis and too worn teeth?

    If you decide to keep your current dentures, under the pretext that it does not hurt you or you adapt to a new seems too difficult, know that this decision has serious consequences!

    Indeed, the increased consumption of soft food and impoverished can help increase body fat and blood cholesterol. Lack of chewing efficiency prevents adequate intake of fruit, vegetables, nuts and meat and harms the absorption of fiber, minerals, vitamins and proteins that are necessary for good health. Your health suffers and you show it by gastrointestinal disorders such as heartburn, heaviness, constipation and irritable colon due to poor digestion consequent overwork imposed by a badly crushed food.

    To improve digestion, a change of the dental prosthesis to five years is recommended. Indeed, worn teeth no longer offer the efficiency needed for good chewing. We have several solutions to offer!